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When it comes to perusing higher education, the USA is one of the most favorite countries of students.  Be it the world ranking, job security, campus life exposures, infrastructures, etc, USA is preferred by students for many different reasons. In this article we’d covering in detail about the various different colleges of America and their respective rankings.

What Are The Best American Colleges?

The USA has quite many colleges and even bigger amount of offered degree programs. Here we have listed the top 50 US Universities according to the QS World University Rankings-


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Stanford University


Harvard University


California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


University of Chicago


University of Pennsylvania


Princeton University


Yale University


Cornell University


Columbia University


Johns Hopkins University


University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


University of California Berkeley (UCB)


Northwestern University


New York University (NYU)


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Duke University


Carnegie Mellon University


University of California, San Diego (UCSD)


Brown University


University of Texas at Austin


University of Washington


University of Wisconsin-Madison


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)


Pennsylvania State University


Rice University


University of California, Davis (UCD) (tie)


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (tie)


Boston University


Washington University in St. Louis


Purdue University


University of Southern California


Ohio State University


University of Rochester


University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)


Emory University


Michigan State University


Texas A&M University (tie)


University of Maryland, College Park (tie)


Case Western Reserve University


University of Pittsburgh


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


University of Florida


Vanderbilt University


Dartmouth College


Arizona State University


University of California, Irvine (UCI)


University of Notre Dame

50      Yeshiva University

Why dos America Has All the Top Colleges in the World?

·         System of Ranking

In both the admissions process and the evaluation process, American colleges often evaluate applicants more comprehensively. In contrast, many institutions outside of the United States (such as those in Canada and China) base admission decisions nearly exclusively on GPA or test results, without even conducting a single interview. In American schools, character and diversity are more valued than purely academic achievement. When admission is granted, they frequently make personal phone calls after taking the time to get to know the applicants.

·         Value of creativity

Creativity, critical thinking, and creative accomplishments are valued highly in American schools. Schools in Europe and Asia, however, place a lot of emphasis on just one or two exams. The importance of participation, teamwork, and other educational components isn't as high. Because the marking systems are primarily focused on one or two exams, teachers do not need to have as close a relationship with the pupils.

·         Education System

In the typical two-two approach used by American universities, the four-year college curriculum tries to establish breadth in the first two years of college before moving on to two years of in-depth study. The majority of American students enrolled in 4-year colleges do not have a career or a major in mind when they first start college. Instead, they will first pursue a liberal arts education before focusing on a single subject for the duration of their time in school.

In contrast, the rest of the world typically applies to a single major within a college and then spends four years studying that field.

·         Language

English is the de facto international language and therefore many students intending to go to a university learn it. It is interesting to note that of the top 15 universities on the ARWU (considered by many to be the most objective ranking system) list, 13 are American and the other two are Cambridge and Oxford.

·         Money

American universities are comparatively wealthy through endowments and government sponsorships or research grants. Money matters. It attracts the best minds because they are able to do what is sometimes called costly research..

·         Flexibility

It is fairly easy to change majors in American universities, while it’s not the same case the other parts of the world.

·         Country Status

The USA is essentially a country of immigrants. It attracts professors and students from all around the globe.

·         Students Opinion

1.    Profs respect the students. They listen carefully to your questions and try to give a detailed answer calling forth all their experience.

2.    Profs give examples of their peers and others who are pioneers in the field. So students get the 'inside' of how the inventors think and work.

3.    Students are smart and usually help each other. They are willing to learn from each other (usually)

4.     Some of the best infrastructural support exists here. If you want a book, they will get it for you. If you want an article, they will get it for you. If you want any help: professional, personal or academic, it is usually available. It might not be totally accessible for all, but it’s there if you look for it.

5.     There is much more autonomy in choosing classes. One can do EE major and take a course in astrophysics and biology at the same time, without 'breaking' any rules.

6.    Pioneers from various different fields frequently visit the campuses to give speeches or to assign projects or take guest lectures. Watching them in person is a great way to get inspired and build stuff.

Best Colleges In America For Computer Science

Popular and engaging, computer science focuses on the fundamentals of networking, computer programming, and cutting-edge technologies. A degree program in computer science is chosen by aspirants from all around USA, whether they are undergraduates or graduate students. Through knowledge, design ideation, and IT development, CS fosters information system management.

A graduate degree in computer science can open doors to employment in research facilities, governmental organizations, IT firms, and colleges and universities. These are the best universities for computer science. Based on a poll of academics at comparable institutions, each school's score represents its average evaluation on a scale from 1 (marginal) to 5 (excellent)-

1.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

(Cambridge, MA)

2.    Carnegie Mellon University (tie)

(Pittsburgh, PA)

2.    Stanford University (tie)

(Stanford, CA)

2.    University of California-Berkeley (tie)

(Berkeley, CA)

5.    University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

(Urbana, IL)

Best American Colleges For Graduate Studies In Linguistics

The study of language, its structure, and the characteristics of human communication is known as linguistics. Grammar, syntax, phonetics, dialects, characteristics shared by all languages (or groups of languages), and the historical development of languages are the main topics of study in linguistics. People who speak numerous languages (polyglots) and those who study linguistics can both be referred to as linguists.

Phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, etc. are some of the branches of the linguistics field. You can expect to learn about language and cognition, historical linguistics, comparative linguistics, communication disorders, and other areas in linguistics in addition to these sub disciplines.

Are you looking for universities offering linguistics as a major? Check out this list of universities offering linguistics to compare admissions statistics, costs, rankings, and more.

1.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

(Cambridge, US)

2.    University of Massachusetts Amherst

(Amherst, US)

3.    Harvard University

(Cambridge, US)

4.    University of California, Berkeley

(Berkeley, US)

5.    Stanford University

(Stanford, US)

6.    University of Maryland, College Park

(College Park, US)

7.    University of California, Los Angeles

(Los Angeles, US)

What Are The Best Party Schools In American Colleges?

College is often a period for experimentation and meeting new people for many individuals. Making memories, having fun, and going out are all important aspects of the college experience. Finding a school where having fun is valued highly on campus is vital for some students.

Many students find that party colleges provide the ideal balance of fun and learning. These colleges provide students with a thriving social life, from tailgating to college clubs and bars. The top party schools provide equal opportunities for students to work hard and play hard, resulting in a positive and enjoyable college experience.

The finest party schools for the sake of this ranking are situated in larger cities or where a significant portion of the town's inhabitants attend the college. These institutions typically feature large enrollments, a significant Greek community, and a wide range of clubs and organizations.

Here we have listed the top party schools in America-

1.    University of California- Santa Barbara.

2.    Tulane University

3.    Florida State University

4.    The University of Alabama

5.    Howard University

6.    University of Wisconsin

7.    University of Georgia

8.    Syracuse University

9.    University of Southern California

10. University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign

That was all for this article. I hope that it helped you take a step ahead in your college hunt quest. Wishing you all the very best for your career.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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